The Religious Bigot

What is a Religious Bigot

religious bigot

The Religious Bigot is an individual whom uses religious doctrine to hide his or her hatred of others. The Religious Bigot preaches fairness and acceptance but seldom acknowledges these lessons when faced with a group that he or she does not like. One of the ways the Religious Bigot convinces others to believe in their slanted worldview is by quoting religious doctrine. Quoting religious doctrine often gives credence to their argument not matter how hypocritical it may seem.

However, the Religious Bigot revels in hypocrisy. On the one hand he can support his hatred by spouting scriptural dogma. On the other hand if his tolerance is questioned, he can easily revert to the idea that all human beings ,including himself, are not perfect. By the acknowledgement that he himself is prone to human weaknesses, he is able to deflect blame and protect his worldview.

The Religious Bigot may say something like:

” Eve was more easily tempted by the serpent which explains why women are not as smart as men”.

” Black people are descendants of Cain and likewise deserve to be enslaved”.

” Those people were bad in a previous life which is why they are poor and deserve little help today”.

” Christians do not believe as I believe and should not be around my family”.

How do their actions affect you

The Religious Bigot can be quite charismatic and from my personal experience often inhabit a position of power and influence. Thus, the Religious Bigot is highly persuasive and labors to get others to accept a much more slanted worldview. Her actions detract you from sharing your gifts and talents with certain groups while adopting attitudes based on animosity rather than cooperation.

How to hack the Religious Bigot

Do not give in to the hateful ideology of the Religious Bigot. When we accept hate into our lives we turn away from our gifts and talents that we are supposed to share with the world. Hate becomes our distraction from what we were meant to accomplish in life. We then find that hate drives our aspirations instead of good will. Reject hate and focus primarily on your talents. Create goals and remain open-minded to others. Use inspiration as an instrument to encourage yourself and others.

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